Clatskanie People’s Utility District employs 34 members of the community in family wage jobs.

General Manager: Marc Farmer

Finance Manager: Barbara Haas

  • Senior Accountant: Neal Hammond

Customer Relations & Services Manager: Sarah Johnson

  • Administrative Services Coordinator: Lynn Donner
  • Customer Service Representative: Kimberly Clark
  • Customer Service Representative: Teresa Gillespie
  • Customer Service Representative: Susan Prechtl
  • Customer Service Representative: Carla Hill
  • Meter Reader: Paulette Gamroth
  • Purchasing Agent: Michael Moravec

Information Technology Manager: Jim Bell

  • IT Support: Brad Hubbard
  • GIS Analyst: Sephe Fox

Energy Resources & Services Manager: Eric Hiaasen

  • Senior Power Analyst: Paul Dockery
  • Conservation & Key Accounts Lead: Brian Fawcett
  • Energy Services Assistant: Ian Bledsoe

Engineering & Operations Manager: Charlie O’Hare

  • E&O Administrative Assistant: Karen Nelson
  • Lead Fleet Mechanic: Steve Bowe
  • Senior Electrical/System Design Technician: Robert Larson
  • Distribution Design Technician: Jack Lorette

     Operations Superintendent: Kerry Kallunki

        General Foreman: Tom Brittain

  • Serviceman: Lonnie Marcum
  • Line Working Foreman: Darin Welter
  • Line Working Foreman: Ramin Shulda
  • Journeyman Lineman: Brandon Wing
  • Journeyman Lineman: Brandon Clayton
  • Journeyman Lineman: Blake Butchas
  • Apprentice Lineman: Levi Creswell

          Equipment Operator/ Warehouseman: John Dibble

     Power Engineering Supervisor: Brian Taylor

  • Substation Wireman: Mark Woodriff