Public Records Requests

It is the policy of Clatskanie People’s Utility District (PUD) to respond in an orderly and reasonable manner in accordance with the Oregon Public Records Law to requests to inspect or receive copies of public records maintained by the PUD.

Records requests must be made in writing, via a Public Records Request Form (see Form A attached).

Upon receipt of a written public records request, the custodian of records, or designated alternate, for the PUD will respond as soon as practicable and without unreasonable delay. The response will acknowledge receipt of the request and include one of the following responses:

  • A statement that the PUD does not possess or is not the custodian of the public record;
  • Copies of all requested public records for which the PUD does not claim an exemption from disclosure under ORS 192.410 to 192.505;
  • A statement that the PUD is the custodian of at least some of the requested public records, with an estimate of the time the PUD requires before the nonexempt public records may be inspected or copies of the nonexempt public records will be provided and an estimate of the fees the requestor must pay as a condition of receiving the public records;
  • A statement that the PUD is the custodian of at least some of the requested public records and that an estimate of the time and fees for disclosure of the nonexempt public records will be provided by the PUD within a reasonable time;
  • A statement that the PUD is uncertain whether it possesses the public records but that it will search for the records and make an appropriate response as soon as practicable; or
  • A statement that the PUD is prohibited by state or federal law from acknowledging the existence of a record(s) or that acknowledging whether the record exists would result in the loss of federal benefits or other sanction, and include the relied upon legal citation.

The PUD shall provide public records in the format in which they are maintained by the PUD. If requested public records are readable only with specific programs or computers, the PUD shall make the program or computer available to view the records, which may require viewing on site. If information exists in one format, such as audio tape, the PUD is not obligated to provide it in another format, such as written transcript unless the requestor is willing to incur the charges necessary to convert the public record into the other format.

The PUD will not charge if the record requested is no more 25 pages in length or takes no more than 1 hour to compile. If the request exceeds those amounts, the PUD will prepare an estimate of charges and will require pre-payment before acting upon the request. Such charges shall be reasonably calculated to reimburse the PUD for its actual costs in making the records available.

If there is doubt that the records requested for inspection are not clearly within the definition of a “public record,” or are exempt records, the request may be referred to the PUD’s attorney for review and recommendation. The attorneys will review the records and make any redactions needed before records are released for inspection or copying.

If a public records request is denied, a written response citing the statue which exempts the records(s) from disclosure and a brief explanation will be provided. The requestor may choose to appeal the decision in accordance with ORS 192.460.

Adopted 12/19/2007