Co-Generation Project Participants

The Georgia Pacific Wauna Mill is a fully integrated pulp, papermaking and conversion facility, which employs 1100 people and produces approximately 1200 tons of finished paper products per day. The mill is flexible and able to utilize a wide variety of wood fibers and pulps, avoiding dependence on single species or grades of wood. The mill site is 1200 acres in size and has been industrialized for nearly 100 years. It has been the site-for pulp and paper production since the early 1960’s. The mill operates and maintains four paper machines on an ongoing basis. To provide process steam for these machines, the mill currently operates three steam boilers that produce steam at 600 psi and 750 degrees F.

The Clatskanie People’s Utility District is a publicly owned electric utility located in Clatskanie, Oregon. The Wauna Mill is located within the Clatskanie electric service territory and is the utility’s largest customer. Presently, Clatskanie purchases 80% of their power from the Bonneville Power Administration. This project represents, Clatskanie’s first generation project.

The Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) is a municipally owned utility serving approximately 73,000 customers in the greater Eugene area as well as up the McKenzie River valley east of Eugene. EWEB purchases approximately 40% of its power from Bonneville, generates approximately 25% with its own resources, and obtains the remainder from long-term contracts with other utilities and agencies. EWEB owns and operates three hydroelectric projects on the McKenzie River, a hydroelectric plant on the Clackamas River, a hydro electric project in Northern Idaho, a cogeneration plant at the Weyerhaeuser paper mill in Springfield, and a cogeneration facility at EWEB steam plant in Eugene.