Thank You to all of Our Crews!

The wind storm of December 11, 2014 packed a powerful punch causing devastation to our area. Besides having main power lines down in several places, there were smaller feeder line outages all over our service territory. Tillamook PUD sent a crew to help our CPUD line crews, and we brought in two extra tree crews to help our regular contract tree crew cut trees off the lines. As our crews worked out in the strong winds, trees and branches fell around them. One of our trucks was substantially damaged by a tree landing on top of it. We are thankful that all of our crews made it through the storm without injury.

Our crews assisted ODOT and emergency responders clear blocked roads, including Highway 30 where a large tree took down our lines and had them lying across the road. Many roads had multiple trees across them some tangled in
our lines and some just blocking the way for our crews to be able to reach our customers. Our crews had to cut their way through to be able to start repairing the power lines.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the Clatskanie People’s Utility District crews and staff for their dedicated service. The entire operations department and many of the office staff stayed and worked around the clock to help restore our customers’ power as soon as possible.