Disconnect and Reconnect

Accounts Disconnected for Non-Payment

  1. All bills are due 15 days after the billing date.  A $5.00 late fee will be charged 7 days after the due date. (This charge is noted on the monthly bills in red with the date that the charge will occur if not paid before that date)   A “Final Notice” will give the account at least seven (7) more days to pay or make arrangements prior to disconnection.
  2. The District will charge a Dispatch Fee of $20.00 and a Reconnect Fee of $30.00.   After normal working hours, the PUD will charge a fee that reflects the District’s actual cost, but not less than $200.00.
  3. Any delinquent account that has been disconnected needs to be paid in full including appropriate fees.  However, exceptions to this can be made by a designated credit employee.  An advanced payment may be required after disconnection for non-payment.

Deferment of Disconnection

  1. The customer may make agreeable payment arrangements.  Any arrangements to postpone disconnection must be made prior to the disconnect day.
  2. No customer’s electric service may be terminated when the bill is being disputed prior to disconnection.
  3. The District will register all customers who depend upon electricity for the operation of life-support systems, or whose health would be endangered in the event of termination of electric service.  Forms are available at the PUD office.  A third party, if designated by the customer, may also receive disconnection notices on the customer’s behalf.  Clatskanie PUD will work with the customer to make an agreeable payment arrangement so that power will not be disconnected. Also, the PUD will make every effort to restore service on unplanned outages.

Adopted by the board on July 16, 2014.