Landlord/Renter Agreement

Clatskanie PUD is pleased to offer a program to property landlords in our service territory that provides automatic continuance of electric service between renters.  Please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 503-728-2163 or for more information and to sign up for this program.

The Automatic Continuance of Electric Service in between Renters is available through the Service Continuation Agreement for property owner (Landlords).This agreement offers a Landlord the convenience of leaving the power on at their rental units between renters. The Landlord assumes all liability for monthly base charges and energy (kWh) used during vacancies and is responsible for seeing that new renters contact Clatskanie PUD and assume responsibility for the account.

  1. The Landlord agrees to assume responsibility for billing during the periods when no renter has properly applied for electric service, and further agrees to assume responsibility for advising the renter that proper application with the District is required.
  2. According to its collection procedures for electric accounts, the District reserves the right to discontinue electric service to any locations covered by this agreement if the Landlord is delinquent in the payment of billing for electric service at any location covered by this agreement.
  3. The District assumes no liability or obligation other than those stated in the agreement and reserves the right to cancel this agreement and apply any deposit/advanced payment monies due the District upon ten (10) days written notice to the Landlord. Notice will be considered given when mailed by the District.
  4. Landlords not participating in a Landlord/Renter Agreement shall have the power cutoff when a renter moves out and cancels their service. A Processing Fee will be charged to the first month’s bill for each account/meter when a renter moves out and the Landlord puts the account back in their name. Landlords who do not have a Renter’s Agreement with us will pay the Processing Fee each time the property is between renters and is in the Landlord’s name.
    However, there is only a one-time fee to have a Landlord/Renters Agreement put in place to cover the change of renter to Landlord billing responsibility. Landlords who have a Renter’s Agreement with us will pay an initial fee per account/meter, but will not have to pay the processing fee with each new connection after the account has been established. The Landlord needs to have a satisfactory electric utility credit rating, pay the one-time fee, and complete the proper form to be able to enter into a Landlord/Renters Agreement.