Don’t Post Signs on the Poles

Planning a garage sale, holding an open house, or selling your car? We wish you the best in advertising your event, but ask you not to post information on our power poles.

Increased Danger of Electrocution

Working on power poles can be a dangerous job. To ensure reliable service, line crews must climb up and down poles in all kinds of weather, day and night. The job is made even more hazardous if people put nails or heavy staples on power poles to attach signs and posters. This may seem harmless but can become a nightmare for line crews. Nails and staples can increase the danger of electrocution if they come in contact with live wires.

Additional Hazards for Line Crew

Line crews wear protective clothing and gloves to prevent electric shocks. Sharp, protruding nails can tear this protective equipment, and result in injury. They also have special boots and climbing hooks to allow them to get up the pole to inspect or make repairs to lines. If these hooks hit metal, they may be deflected, causing the line crewmember to fall.

Damage to Poles & Risk of Fines

When the outer layers of the poles are punctured, it allows materials such as water and insects to cause damage to the structure and integrity of the pole. This damage shortens the life of the pole and increases maintenance costs to the PUD. It also puts us at risk of fines from the Oregon Public Utility Commission when prohibited attachments are found on our poles.

The Clatskanie People’s Utility District line crews are on the job to assure you quality, efficient, dependable electric service. Show them you care by not using power poles to post signs or posters.