Plant Wisely

Trees beautify homes and property and can lower utility bills if correctly sited. But care should be taken with trees near power lines. Every year power outages are caused by storms that bring trees or limbs down on lines. You can help by taking a “power friendly” approach in landscaping your property.

Tree Planting Guide

  • Avoid planting directly under power lines.
  • Larger trees should be planted 30 feet or more away from lines.
  • Plant leaf-bearing trees to the East and West of your home to reduce summer cooling costs, while admitting winter sunlight.
  • Plant evergreens and shrubs where they will block cold winter winds.

The District has planted examples of power friendly trees along the Clatskanie River bank at the North end of our property for your viewing. For more information on power friendly trees stop by the office or give us a call and we will put a brochure in the mail for you.

Tree Trimming

The District hires a contract tree crew annually to maintain the right of ways. If you see a hazardous tree near or in your power lines please call the office at: (503) 728-2163

Depending on the severity of the situation, we will either take care of it immediately, or have the tree trimming crew take care of it on a scheduled route.